The majority of our garments are made using natural textiles, which are then hand-dyed / hand printed / hand embroidered. We always recommend taking care of the garments referring to the wash care tag.

Please note the information below while making a purchase with the brand.

  • Isolated threads and fabric slubs or minor irregularities are due to the handwoven nature of the fabric and that is a result of human involvement in making of these beautiful fabrics. These are not considered as flaws but more like artisan signatures.
  • Some of our hand dyed / hand printed garments (where gentle hand wash is recommended) may color bleed in the first few washes. Please ensure that you hand wash these garments separately in COLD WATER only. Dry in shade only as direct sunlight can be harsh for hand dyed / natural textiles.
  • Mild Dry clean all the color blocked / hand printed / hand embroidered garments made in handwoven textiles. They may tend to bleed colors when washed. (Please refer to care tags / labels).
  • Do not directly steam the garments which have hand beading / embroidery. Some beads / threads are dyed with hand and they may have a tendency to bleed.
  • We suggest, when giving your garments for Dry Cleaning, please indicate, Mild / gentle Dry clean only, avoiding high heat exposures or strong chemicals. This is to re-emphasize the artisanal value of the garment to the service provider, who may otherwise bulk Dry Clean your garments under high heat settings / or generic SOPs.
  • Garments made from dainty luxe weaves such as chiffon, silk etc. should be worn with extreme care. Please avoid pairing them with items that may snag / damage the fabric.
  • When not in use, please store your garment with care, avoiding exposure to light or interaction with items that may snag / damage these luxe fabrics and artwork.
  • There may be subtle variations in color, finish, texture between garments. This is the intrinsic nature of handcrafted items. No two garments from the same style will be identical.

If you have any questions about the wash and care of the garment, please drop us an email at

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